Are you happy with your GP?

Your GP plays a very important role in your own and your family’s life

Our website helps you identify the best doctors in your area.

Who is the best doctor in your town for YOUR needs?

How does this website work?

The website uses NHS information to show how good your GP is. Your GP is important to your health. The great free tools on our Best GP in my town and GP ratings pages use NHS information to highlight who the best GP in your local area is for your specific needs.

How Is Your General Practice Rated by the NHS?

The free tools featured on our Best Doctor in my Town and GP Ratings pages allow you to quickly and easily review the results for general practices near your home. GP practices within your postcode area will be shown and you can compare how they rate for a number of criteria. This information can then be used to try and find the medical practice in your area for your specific needs.

Don’t be Unhappy with Your GP or Doctor

The website uses ratings for NHS GPs in England. We provide information that helps you identify how the NHS and patients rate medical practices in your town. If you are unhappy with the care and treatment provided by your general practitioner this information can help find the best practice for your own needs. The information we provide comes from official NHS data and is updated on a regular basis.

Do You Know How to Quickly and Easily Change Your GP?

There are thousands of GP Practices in England and at we provide an overview of how to change your GP. Since January 2015, GP practices in England are able to register new patients even if they have a home address that’s outside their practice boundary zone. The surgery themselves can decide if it is appropriate for you to be registered, based on clinical factors. There are a number of reasons why a GP Practice can reject your application, Visit our How to Change GP page for more information so you understand what to do once you find the best GP near your home.