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Our company was formed in 2009, is registered in England and employs a small staff, using a range of specialists when appropriate. Key members of the team include our specialist health analyst David. David has 14 years analytical experience. This includes five years being employed directly by the National Health Service (NHS) in England.
During this time frame David worked with a range of GP specific data and reports. This included highlighting excellent performance by doctors and also informing groups of clinicians if issues needed to be addressed. This knowledge developed working directly within the NHS has enabled David to produce a range of processes to ensure the BestDoctorNearMe.co.uk website highlights key information quickly and simply to our readers.
Our readers benefit from being able to see key NHS publications and information easily and quickly in one helpful location. Many patients are not aware of the information available to help them make an informed decision about how to choose the best GP in their area. The BestDoctorNearMe.co.uk website was designed with this in mind. We are proud that our website pulls together key information and resources from a range of NHS publications and presents them in a clear and simple manner.

We can help you compare how well GPs in your local area perform and highlight key criteria when choosing a doctor.
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