How to Identify the Best Doctor or GP in Your Town – Using NHS information

The tool below allows you to quickly and easily review results so you can find the Best Doctor or GP in your Town and ensure your specific health needs are met.

The information is produced and published by the Department for Health owned NHS Choices website. have included this explanation of how to use this very useful GP Practice comparison tool.

To find the Best Doctor in Your Town:

  • Ensure “GP Practices” is selected in the “Performance of” dropdown
  • In the “Metric Group” start by choosing “All above facts (part 1)”
  • We often leave the “by name” box blank and simply enter a postcode within the “in a location” box
  • Choose “5 miles” in the next box
  • We prefer to sort by “Care Quality Commission Inspection Ratings”
  • Click “Update Results”

GP practices within this area will be shown and you can compare how they rate for a number of criteria.


How to Compare GP Practices Near Your Home Address

Following the guidance above will enable you to compare doctors surgeries on seven criteria:

  1. Care Quality Commission Inspection Ratings
  2. Patient Satisfaction with GP Practice Opening Times
  3. Patient Experience – Confidence and Trust in GP
  4. Cervical Cancer Screening
  5. Flu vaccinations – Under 65 At Risk Groups
  6. Flu vaccinations – Aged 65 and over group
  7. Childhood Vaccinations up to Age 2 (score out of 10)

Changing the “Metric Group” to “All above facts Part 2” enables comparison of criteria including:

  1. High Blood Pressure Management
  2. Stroke prevention: medication for patients with atrial fibrillation
  3. Diabetes – Managing Blood Glucose Level (HbA1c)
  4. Diabetes – Managing Blood Glucose Level (HbA1c)
  5. Mental Health – Comprehensive Care Planning
  6. Dementia – Face to Face Reviews
  7. Antibiotic Prescribing

Criteria may be added and removed, choose the best comparison criteria for your own and your family’s needs.

What Information Can be Used to Find the Best Doctors in Your Area?

The website uses a three point process.

Step 1.  Involves using the information highlighted on this Best Doctor In My Town page.  Once you have reviewed this information, proceed to our GP Ratings page.

Step 2.  On the  GP Ratings page we use NHS data to highlight how the NHS and patients rate GP practices in your local area.

Our Best GP Ratings page helps identify practices that perform the best near your home.  If you have specific medical conditions, or are unhappy with your GP this information is very useful.

Step 3.  The How To Change GP page of our website highlights the process you can use to change your GP Practice, how the process works and what you need to do.

Thanks to NHS Choices

The excellent tool featured on this webpage contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. The full NHS Choices website can be found at

The information is provided for England only and is an excellent source of information when trying to compare surgeries or find the best doctor in your area based on the needs of your specific circumstances.

We hope this web tool has been helpful for your needs, thanks for using the website.

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