How to Find a Doctor I Have Trust and Confidence in

It is important to find a doctor you have trust and confidence in.  This article shows how you can use NHS information to judge which GPs have the highest ratings from their patients.  NHS information is used so you can compare doctors in Leicester, or other parts of England such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.  After reading this article you will know How to Find a Doctor you Have Trust and Confidence in.

GPs are Scored on the Amount of Confidence and Trust Patients Have in Them

GPs are judged on a range of criteria and the results published by the NHS.  At we use this information and present a free to use tool that can help you find the doctors patients have the highest confidence and trust in.

This free tool allows you to search for medical practices near your home or work.  Over 7,000 throughout England are compared.

How to Compare Doctors in Leicester

It is easy to compare doctors in Leicester.  The free tool featured on the website can be used by:

  • Go to the Best Doctor in my Town page
  • In the “Metric Group” choose “Patient Experience and Access”
  • Leave the “by name” box blank.
  • Enter your postcode within the “in a location” box
  • Choose “5 miles” in the next box
  • ‘Sort by’ “Patient Experience – – Confidence and Trust in GP”
  • Click “Update Results”

Higher values are better.  Results are from the GP Patient survey as published by the NHS.

This free tool includes information for GP Practices throughout England.  This example uses Leicester, the same methods can find the best doctors near you in Manchester, Birmingham or Bristol.

How to Compare Doctors to Find the Best GP for Your Needs

There are other ways to Compare Doctors to Find the Best GP for Your Needs.  The tool described above in our find the Best Doctor in my Town page can be used to find high rating GP Practices for:

  • Cervical Cancer Screening
  • High Blood Pressure Management
  • Cancer Detection Rates

Follow the instructions on the Best Doctor in my Town page and change the ‘Metric Group’.  This will make it possible to ‘Sort By’ a number of other criteria.

Doctors performance can be compared within five miles of your home.  All locations in England are covered, not just Leicester.

Summary of the Best Doctors in Leicester: March 2017

How to Find a Doctor I Have Trust and Confidence in, within Leicester

How to Find a Doctor I Have Trust and Confidence in

As a summary of the best doctors in Leicester: March 2017 publish the table above.

This table shows the highest rated GP Practices from the NHS Friends and Family Test.  This test is an alternative method of ranking doctors near your home.

Five surgeries score 100%.  This means that all responded to the test stated they would recommend the GP Practice to their Friends or Family.

A further 15 medical centres scored 95% or above.  The 20 highlighted practices came from Leicester itself and other areas such as Melton Mowbray.  The LE2 post code featured six times.  LE 3 is included on three occasions, along with a number of other LE postcodes.

Information in this image has been published in the six months up to March 2017.  A minimum of 50 responses is required to feature in the table.

How to Change Doctor to a GP You Have Confidence and Trust in

Once you have found a doctor you have confidence in trust in you can change practices.  One key requirement is finding a suitable practitioner.  The free tool highlighted on our Best Doctors in my Town page can help.

The next stage is to check to see if your chosen medical practice are accepting new patients.  The page titled How to Change GP can provide more information.

Conclusion:  How to Find a Doctor I Have Trust and Confidence in

The free tool described can help find a doctor you have trust and confidence in.  The example article focusses on the Leicester area, but the same methods can be used no matter which part of England you live in.

Once you have compared doctors and found a suitable replacement you can transfer – if they accept new patients.  It is important to be comfortable with the care and treatment you receive.

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