If you ask who is the Best GP Near me then you can find your answer here.

  • Patients are constantly asked to provide their views on the service and treatment provided by their GP practice.
  • This information has been collected for a number of years by the NHS in England.
  • Specifically patients are asked how they would rate the service they received if their friends or family had to have the same treatment.

We combine results for the last six months to make it easy for you to see how NHS Doctors near you are rated by their patients.

The information we show highlights if NHS patients would recommend the practice they’ve used to their Friends or Family – the most important people in their lives.

Our information doesn’t include private practices, just those in the NHS.

How Do I Find the Best GP Near Me?

We show results for England split into 14 areas, information for all towns and cities can be found within these 14 areas.

For example if you live in Camden, then choose the London option, information relating to Leeds can be found in the Yorkshire and Humber section and Liverpool’s information can be found in Cheshire and Merseyside section.  The 14 areas are shown below.

  1. London
  2. Cheshire and Merseyside
  3. Greater Manchester
  4. Lancashire
  5. East of England
  6. South Central England
  7. North Midlands
  8. West Midlands
  9. Central Midlands
  10. South West of England
  11. South East of England
  12. Yorkshire and Humber
  13. Cumbria and the North East
  14. Wessex

The Best Rated GPs Near Your Home are Listed Below

Latest results published in November  2016.

Best doctors in London

Best GP Practices in Cheshire and Merseyside

Best NHS Medical Practices in Greater Manchester


East of England

South Central England

North Midlands

West Midlands

Central Midlands

South West of England

South East of England

Yorkshire and Humber

Cumbria and the North East


How We Use NHS Data to Identify The Best Doctors

The Friends and Family Test

The NHS’s Friends and Family Test is used within GP practices in England and asks a simple question, if a friend or family member had to have the same treatment as you have had how likely would you be to recommend the practice you have attended?

We all recommend good service or advise people away from bad companies every day.  Companies such as mobile phone operators, hairdressers, restaurants and hotels.

If a poor treatment has been provided by a doctor it is unlikely that we would recommend this practice to others.  This Friends and Family test from the NHS helps patients quickly and easily understand how GP practices are rated in your local area.

More information can be found at this NHS website


How the NHS Friends and Family Test is calculated

Survey results are created by analysing what percentage of total respondents answered they would be ‘Extremely likely’ or ‘Likely’ to recommend their treatment and dividing it by the total number of responses.

Other responses include ‘Unlikely’, ‘Highly unlikely’, ‘neither’ or ‘don’t know’.

It should be noted that while the results will not be statistically comparable against other NHS practices because of the various data collection methods, the Friends and Family Test provides a broad measure of patient experience.  This can be used alongside other data to inform service improvement and patient choice.

For more information see

How To Change Doctors

The website uses a three point process.

Step 1.  Involves using the tool highlighted on the “Best Doctor In My Town” web page.  Once you have reviewed this information, step 1 in our 3 step process, you can then go to our Best GP Near Me page, this is step 2 in our 3 step process.

Step 2.  You are currently on the  Best GP Near Me page.  Here we use NHS data to highlight what percentage of patients at a GP Practice would recommend the service and care they have received to their own Family and Friends.

By this point you will have reviewed the NHS Choices information tool (on the Best Doctor in my Town page) highlighting how medical practices are rated for criteria, and on our Best GP Near Me page have identified which practices have the highest percentage of patients who would recommend the service to their family and friends.

Step 3.  The How To Change GP page of our website highlights the process you can use to change your GP Practice, how the process works and what you need to do.

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